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The Bohol Countryside Tour is your perfect opportunity to justify yourself from the hard work and sacrifices you've done, once in a while enjoy treating and seeing yourself living a full life. Whether your trip will be with your sweetie, friends or family, The Countryside Tour of Bohol will never fail to amaze you. - Make the trip far more exciting by going wild and extreme with ATV, Zip line and more exciting recreational activities made available for you.

Tour Duration: 6-8 Hours

Best Starting Time: 8:00 - 11:30 AM

The Sea Tour and Island Hopping is a great match for Bohol's Countryside Tour giving you a taste of the uniqueness of Bohol among the other beautiful islands of the country as the province stands proudly from providing a complete experience of lush green nature scenery, diverse wildlife sanctuary, historical tradition, colorful tradition, friendly locals, exciting recreational activities and white sand beaches filled with amazing marine life.

Tour Duration: 5-7 Hours

Best Starting Time: 6:00 am 

Panglao Land Tour - Explore wonderful cave easily, get a taste of a unique organic ice cream and indulge on a healthy dining experience while discovering a bit more of what the Island Province of Bohol may offer you. Give yourself enough time to shop for affordable souvenirs for yourself or to someone important to you.

Tour Duration: 5-7 Hours

Best Starting Time: 8:00 - 10:00 AM

Oslob Gentle Giant Encounter and Sumilon Island Day Tour - We greatly understand your cravings to travel, explore, and discover more. Set sail, be aware of the outside world; find your own introspective way of becoming part of it. See yourself amazed being one with the gentle giants.

Tour Duration: 10 - 12 Hours

Best Starting Time: 5:00 AM

Stand Up Paddle & Firefly Watching Tours - An environment friendly and magical experience awaiting for you to unfold. A great optional add-on tour and activity for you to discover and experience the magical wonders of Bohol either by day or night. 

Tour Duration: 1-2 Hours

Best Starting Time: 7:00 - 8:00 AM Day Light SUP ; 6:00 PM Full Moon or Firefly Watching Tour

Can-umantad Falls and Anda Mystical Island Tour - A great way to discover more of Bohol is getting to know and learn more of the preserved culture and local beliefs while discovering some of Bohol's hidden wonders not much known and visited by normal tourists.

Tour Duration: 7-8 Hours

Best Starting Time: 8:00 am

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